Team Work

Our Team

3D Sports Promotions LLC is a College Athlete Recruiting and Consulting Company, that will serve to inform and assist in the promotion of student-athletes from all over the World to College Coaches within the boundaries of the United States of America.

The team at 3D Sports Promotions LLC will help student-athletes and their families navigate the cutthroat, competitive, and the often confusing world of college recruiting. We will achieve this task through our custom technology and tools that provide the edge you need in the most crucial game of a student athlete’s life.

Our job is to provide a simplified and an informative process for our customers.  3D Sports Promotions LLC will provide an organized database that a potential college student-athlete can utilize in an effort to become well informed in the process of athletic college recruiting. Our database will dramatically improve their chances of becoming a college student-athlete. We will help to maintain their information in a professional manner and help them to build upon their portfolios, resumes and player videos. This will help to enable their college recruiting process to go much smoother. In the process, our database will allow for thousands of college coaches across the country to link up to our system and assess the potential student-athletes on their own time. This will allow thousands of college coaches to observe our clients in order to further enhance additional opportunities for recruitment. We believe that no one knows you exist until you let them know you exist. Exposure and marketing is the key element in college recruiting, but it needs to be prepared in a very professional manner. This is our priority each and every day for our clients. Enhancing their professional exposure and creating more opportunities for them is what we do. Some of the strengths and capabilities of its core products as it pertains to shelf life, durability and availability include that we specialize in making college recruiting personal. We will educate these student-athletes to be proactive in this process and assist them in making personal connections with the coaches that they are seeking out.