Our Vision

Our Vision

3D Sports Promotions LLC is proud of its main product line and the features and benefits that make up its attractiveness to this ever-growing market. The main features and advantages of its core products to its customers include that we will provide our student-athletes with around the clock access to all areas of college planning.  This will consist of an in-depth information database on college recruiting, financial aid processes, video services and video editing, links to practice SAT’s and ACT’S, resume building, proper letter writing, editing services, access to thousands of college in the country, resources on interviewing skills, NCAA, NAIA, NCCAA, NJCAA, IVY League and USCAA requirements and just about anything to do with college recruiting.

We will help to separate our customers from their competitors who are applying for the same colleges and positions. Our online site allows students to search for colleges in each state that will specifically fit their abilities and offer their sports, thereby saving hours or months of research. We provide the step by step process and very detailed information about the NCAA, NAIA, NCCAA, NJCAA, IVY League and USCAA Eligibility Centers. In addition, we will provide all the rules and regulations of the divisions of play and increase the marketability of each and every customer we serve.

Our job is to provide a simplified and an informative process for our customers.  3D Sports Promotions LLC will provide an organized database that a potential college student-athlete can utilize to become well informed in the process of athletic college recruiting. Our database will dramatically improve their chances of becoming a college student-athlete. We will help to maintain their information professionally and help them to build their portfolios, resumes and player videos. This will help to enable their college recruiting process to go much smoother.

In the process, our database will allow for thousands of college coaches across the country to link up to our system and assess the potential student-athletes on their own time. This will enable thousands of college coaches to observe our clients to further enhance additional opportunities for recruitment. We believe that no one knows you exist until you let them know you exist. Exposure and marketing is the critical element of college recruiting, but it needs to be prepared in a very professional manner. This is our priority every day for our clients. Enhancing their professional exposure and creating more opportunities for them is what we do. Some of the strengths and capabilities of its core products as it pertains to shelf life, durability and availability include that we specialize in making college recruiting personnel. We will educate these student-athletes to be proactive in this process and assist them in making personal connections with the coaches that they are seeking out.

Our primary focus will be on the Middle and High School aged athletes, with intentions on one day playing in college. Our perspective is that there will always be children; there will always be middle schools and high schools; there will always be children playing sports, and there will always be colleges and kids wanting to play sports in college. No matter how the world develops, these basic core statistics will always be present.

There will always be the internet, and because of the increased use of the internet, most college coaches visit fewer High Schools looking for prospects. These college coaches are using the Internet to seek out qualified and highly skilled athletes from all over the world. As hard as it may be to get actual figures on the number of kids playing sports, a few of them are relatively close in comparison.

Over 35 million kids between the ages of 5-18 play sports in the United States. 60% of those kids play competitive and organized sports outside of their High School. 85 % of coaches coach their kids and 73% of executives have played sports. Sports are a very large part of our culture.