Our success is determined when student athletes get to play in college

3D Sports Promotions LLC is a College Athlete Recruiting and Consulting Company, that serves to inform and assist in the promotion of student athletes from all over the World to College Coaches within the boundaries of the United States of America.

Many athletes and parents have no idea of just where to begin. The common thread among these families was the lack of knowledge regarding the process of keeping a detailed record of their children’s athletic and academic achievements.

Various sports equipmentAll the time and money that was spent on training, fees, traveling over a course of time can be in the double digits of thousands. So now is not the time to cut cost as they are heading to the finish line, trying to get seen by college coaches.







We are the Professional College Recruiting Platform, which enables parents and student-athletes too;

  • Build a comprehensive and professional college recruiting profile to help expose your son/daughter’s athletic and academic abilities.
  • Each membership receives step-by-step guidance from our professional staff and well-organized database.


Many student-athletes and parents have no idea of just where to begin. The common thread among these families is the lack of knowledge regarding the process of keeping a detailed record of their child’s athletic and academic achievements. The inspiration for our company was observing this happen again and again, combined with our experience of helping student-athletes reach their college goals for no fee over the past eleven years, served as the primary motivation for establishing this company.

We have a passionate team of industry experts who will utilize cutting-edge technologies while building a vast network of solid relationships to help student-athletes reach their full potential. 3D Sports Promotions LLC will provide the knowledge, support, resources, assistance and direction needed to help its recruits reach their full college dreams.

The main principle of 3D Sports Promotions LLC is to increase a student athlete’s exposure to educational institutions, and college coaches so that the student-athlete may be able to attend the school they envision of attending, while also pursuing their dreams of participating in college athletics. Our company is designed to facilitate high prospect student-athletes getting to the next level both athletically and educationally. We are here to serve not only the future great minds of our nations but athletes as well.

Our efficient operation has a simplified online database for each student-athlete, their parents, guidance counselors, and coaches (of both organized sports and High School coaches) to help guide and educate them. Our operation allows them to contact us at any time through email 24/7 or voice (during normal working hours, EST), serving as their consultant throughout the entire process.

Most importantly, our database has the ability for each athlete to maintain their information professionally and help them to build their portfolios, resumes and player videos. This enables student-athletes to market their skills to the college coaches directly, or college coaches can access this information on their own in an easy to use simplified display format. This business model delivers complete value to each customer we serve.

College Coaches across the country will have access to all our student-athlete’s portfolios to help them locate a gem.

All requests for your child’s contact information is individually reviewed by our fully trained staff. Only authorized college recruiters are allowed to submit a request for contact information.

Your child’s full portfolio will be viewable by over 5,000 colleges and universities as well as over 50,000 college coaches throughout the country.

College recruiters are eager to give scholarships to student-athletes that fit their criteria.

“Their competition may have already begun. You have only one shot to do it right!”

When Your Ready For College We Got You Covered

Applying to any collage or university can be stressful for any parent.

That’s why we have partnered with one of the most respected college consulting company to handle all the stress for you.

They will help you get through that jungle of paperwork from filling out your FAFSA forms, guiding you on how to apply for scholarships and grants, student loans, filling out college applications just to name a few.

The college consultant specializes in these admissions processes:

  • Applications
  • The admission process
  • Helping families negotiate college tuition costs
  • Analyze financial aid packages
  • Educate families on FAFSA and CSS profile
  • Appeals

All payments are a one-time fee per individual student athlete.

We accept all major credit cards. Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

All payments are processed through PayPal. We do not store your credit card information on our servers.
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How does it work?

We help to Promote Student-Athletes to College Coaches.

Helping your child connect with College Coaches while maximizing their Exposure.

The College Recruiting process is more competitive now than ever before. With limited budgets, college coaches CANNOT get out to see all the potential student-athletes. With the World-Wide-Web, college coaches can see thousands of potential student-athletes from all over the world, without ever leaving their office. A lot of college recruiting happens online, through the professional college recruiting profiles.

Our Job

Our job at 3D Sports Promotions is to help to Promote Student-Athletes to College Coaches. We help to prepare middle and high school aged student-athletes in the very overwhelming and detailed College Recruiting Process. Exposing your child’s qualities, helping them to stand out and preparing them, is our job! Being proactive in the process is their job!

“Their competition may have already begun. You have only one shot to do it right!”

How we do it?

We do it with our professional well-organized database, guiding you through the process with simplified steps while helping you make a lasting impression.

“Their competition may have already begun. You have only one shot to do it right!”

Athlete Recruiting Process

The Athlete Recruiting Process is a complicated process, but the hard work can pay off. Earning an Athletic Scholarship and an opportunity to play a sport in college is a life-changing event. The Athletic Recruiting process does not work as most people believe to think. College Coaches don’t go to the camps and combine to recruit, so much of the process is done online.

“Their competition may have already begun. You have only one shot to do it right!”

Take the First Step

Help your child in taking the crucial first step on the road to building a Professional College Recruiting Profile. We will help your child connect with College Coaches and College Coaches Connecting with them. It’s time to MAXIMIZE your EXPOSURE.

“Their competition may have already begun. You have only one shot to do it right!”

Major Misconceptions:

  • College Coaches will find them!
  • My child attends college recruiting events/tournaments; this is enough; they will be found!
  • My child is a very highly skilled player the college coaches will find them.
  • Many believe that “only” Blue Chip Players are capable of playing in college, far from the truth! The choices of colleges vary based on levels and conferences, opening opportunities for so many student-athletes.


  • When college coaches attend college showcase events, they are mostly going to see the athletes that have already reached out to them and have built a relationship with.
  • With millions of smart highly skilled athletes in the world and the advancement of technology, college coaches can mostly recruit from their desk.
  • Being proactive in the College Recruiting Process Dramatically Increases your odds of becoming a Student-Athlete.
  • NOT being proactive “REDUCES” your chances dramatically of ever being a student-athlete.
  • A greater number of “Recruited Athletes” were proactive in their destiny.
  • There is a lot to learn when it comes to college recruiting, and you have only one opportunity to get it right!

Why Choose Us?

  • We are well Organized, Professionally Operated, and Affordable
  • We will become your child’s personalized College Recruiting Tool which enables them to:
    • Build a complete college profile to expose their athletic and academic abilities.
    • They will receive step-by-step guidance from our professional staff and a well-organized database
  • They only have ONE SHOT at this attempt to get the best possible exposure to play in college.

Your Child’s Role

Their role is to be active in this process, engaged in this process and educated about the process of getting noticed by college coaches.

Their competition may have already begun. They have only one shot to do it right!”


In the United States alone, over 39.82 million kids between the ages of 8 to 17 are playing an organized sport. With the increase of more children playing highly competitive organized sports in this country and starting at a younger age, college coaches are narrowing in on them. With only 2 to 4% of student-athletes ever getting to play at the college level, getting noticed is tough.

The older version of college recruiting was to focus only on targeting elite student-athletes in grades 9-12 face to face, but now it’s getting as low as 6th graders being the focus utilizing social media a lot more now.

Your competition has got tougher, and you now have to be prepared to step up the game. Our site will help you to do just that, as we can help them to be fully prepared to stand out.

“Their competition may have already begun. They have only one shot to do it right!”

What You Get

$99.00 One Time Fee!
  • 24/7 Access to website
  • One Time Fee
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Full Personal Recruiting Profile
  • Upload your Full Profile
  • Control of Your Own Personal Account & Profile
  • Personal Profile Link to Share with College Coaches
  • Access to Athletic Recruiting Tools
  • Access to Thousands of Colleges Across the Country
  • Upload all your Accomplishments and Sports Stats
  • Update and Edit your Profile and Stats at anytime
  • Keep track of your Top College Picks
  • Track Your Requirements for Each College That You Applied
  • Access to Athletic Recruiting Tools
  • Upload Photo’s (11) Including Profile Photo
  • Recruiting Techniques
  • View Sample Letters to Coaches
  • View Sample Resumes Bio’s and Personal Statements
  • PSAT, SAT, ACT links
  • PSAT, SAT, ACT Prep Links
  • College Search Links
  • Full Access to Resource Pages
  • College Search to Thousands of Colleges
  • Information on NCAA, NAIA, NCCAA, NJCAA & USCAA
  • NCAA Eligibility Information
  • NAIA Eligibility Information
  • Upload Your Links to Your Videos
  • Optional Purchase of Professional Video's (five min / max)
  • FAQ’s Sections
  • Financial Aid Sections / Links
  • Assistance in the Recruiting Process
  • Recruiting Information from Middle School to 12th Grade
  • Invite College Coaches to View your Profile
  • College Coaches Can View Your Full Profile
  • See College Coaches that are Interested in You
  • Questions answered Via Phone / Email
  • Useful Information Section with Detailed Information
  • Information on Camps & Showcases
  • Guidance on Letter Writing
  • College Planning Information
  • Preparing for Face to Face Meetings
  • Guidance for Parents / Guardians
  • An Abundance of Valuable Resources
  • Do's and Don'ts of College Recruiting
  • Glossary of Terms
  • College Planning Calendar (Freshman-Senior Years)
  • Plus So Much More ++++

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